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CookingClip Pick Your Color



* Easy to use
* Makes cooking safer
* Prevents mess in the kitchen


The CookingClip brings the experience of cooking to another level. You no longer have to worry about a dangerous, boiling pan. Because this unique product means that it’s a thing of the past. Once you have clicked the clip onto the edge of your pan, the steam can easily escape and the lid will not close completely. The CookingClip keeps you from a dirty kitchen because the water no longer boils over and will make your kitchen dirty. When you have finished cooking, the CookingClip also serves as a drain aid. The CookingClip gives you support during draining. Thanks to this innovative and Dutch design, boiling a pan is a thing of the past. Cook more safely and cleanly with the CookingClip. And enjoy your meal. The CookingClip is a fun cooking gadget to give or receive as a gift. It comes in a stylish package.
Available in the colors: black, blue, green, gray, orange, pink, red and turquoise.

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Blue Azure, Orange Goldfish, Black Ink, Red Lava, Pink Candy, Turquoise Ocean, Green Forest, Grey Penthouse

1 review for CookingClip Pick Your Color

  1. Sandra

    Amazing Product, Works perfectly!

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