Less hassle, easier cooking.

Ever wondered why your pan keeps boiling over? Or searching something that actually helps you with draining off? The CookingClip does it all.

Ever wondered why your pan keeps boiling over? Or looking for something that actually helps with draining off?

CookingClip Colour mix

From a spectacular adventure near jungle and nature in a green forest to the relaxing vibes near a turquoise ocean. From the azure blue glow in the sky to the ink blackness in the middle of the universe. From a classy grey penthouse to the sweetness of a pink candy. And from an orange goldfish who swims in a calm and safe fish bowl to the hot and very dangerous red lava. We’ve got them all. The CookingClip is designed for every kitchen. Pick your style today!

Still missing your preferred colour? Contact us and order your own limited edition!

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